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South Florida Microfilm Microfiche Scanning Service

Written By: CJ Ferrer - Sep• 04•11

South Florida Microfilm Microfiche Scanning Service


Advanced Imaging Solutions, Inc The Microfilm Depot Document Imaging & Conversion For the Business Professional

More and more companies are finding that their business files are being complicated by both receiving and generating documents in varying file formats. What was once simply handling paper copies now requires handling paper, microfilm, microfiche and electronic digital images in various formats.

Our firm is a full service document image-processing center. We have specialized in backfile conversion, Aperture Cards, microfilm/microfiche to digital image conversion, and scanning of paper source documents for over 30 years.

Scanning paper documents and conversion of Microfilm Microfiche film formats is our specialty. We can provide these services to your firm, both rapidly and in a cost-effective manner. With our full service processing, you do not need to invest in either the capital equipment or specialized training for your staff. Additionally, with document management software programs designed specifically for utilizing digital images for storing and sorting files and critical documents, as well as downloaded images and files from the Internet, the need to have a single, reliable source of data conversion is becoming more and more important.

We master CD-ROMs or DVD’s with the digital images in accordance with your requirements to make importing them into document management programs easy. If you are not currently using a document management program, we have software solutions that will provide you with a method or archiving and retrieving your critical business information as needed to meet your demands.


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Document Scanning Services

16mm & 35mm Roll Microfilm Conversion Aperture Cards Conversion 16mm & 35mm Jacketed Microfilm Conversion


Active Business File Conversion to Digital Image Retired / Back File Conversion to Digital Image Output Files / Tiff, Pdf, Jpeg etc. Document Types

Correspondence Files

Invoices Financial Report Documents Loan & Mortgage Documents Commercial & Personal Banking Documents Legal Evidence Documents Personnel Files Architectural & Engineering Drawings Photographs


Simple File Name Output Database Structured Simple and Full Page OCR Barcode OCR Image Processing 100 to 600 DPI Resolutions Image Process Clean Up • Deskew • Crop • Despeckle • Reduce or Enlarge Image Ratio

Output File Format

• All Current Industry Supported Image File Formats Specialized Image Processing Odd Size Documents

Input Media

Paper & Photo Sizes from 3”x 5” (small format) to 42”x 180” (large format) 16mm & 35mm Roll Microfilm 35mm Aperture Card 16mm & 35mm Jacketed Microfilm Microfiche

Output Format CDROM DVD Optical Disk Microfilm Services Microfilming 35mm & 16mm Planetary Microfilming 16mm Rotary Microfilming 35mm & 16mm Digital Image to Microfilm Processing Process Services 35mm & 16mm Silver Roll Film Duplication 35mm & 16mm Diazo Roll Film Duplication 35mm & 16mm Microfiche Jacketing Microfiche Diazo Duplication Aperture Card Jacketing Aperture Card Diazo Duplication Computer Index Listing Data Entry “Kodak Certified” Deep Tank Microfilm Processing AIIM/ANSI Standards MIL Spec Certification Document Types Personnel & Correspondence Files Manuals, Technical Specifications & Permits Financial Report, Invoice, Bill of Laden Documents Loan & Mortgage Documents Commercial & Personal Banking Documents Legal Evidence Documents Architectural & Engineering Drawings Photographs Output Media 35mm & 16mm Roll Film 35mm & 16mm Microfiche Jackets Diazo Microfiche Duplicate Aperture Cards • Silver Halide Original • Silver Duplicate • Diazo Duplicate Specialized Conversion Services Microfilm Roll to Digital Image Conversion Microfiche to Digital Image Conversion Aperture Card to Digital Image Conversion Digital Image Output to: CDROM DVD’s Our Clients Our expertise permits us to work with the client’s source documents or third party documents to return to the client a useable format in either film or digital images that meets the client’s needs. We have supplied services to the following type of industries, trades and agencies: Financial & Banking Institutions Retail Department Stores City, County & State Government Agencies Federal Government Utilities Manufacturers Aircraft, Airline Operators & Maintenance Facilities Hospitals Doctors & Healthcare Providers Healthcare Insurance Law Firms & Legal Professionals Universities We have provided our services from individual conversion, process and reproduction through complete turnkey Document Administration and Management Systems. Each of our programs are tailored to meet your company’s unique information handling requirements, be they in-house document storage, archive and retrieval to distribution of company material via film or optical media. Our commitment is to excellence in service, quality and support. Our goal to you our client is to reduce the work load encountered when handling documents in a cost effective manner that will permit you to take advantage of the changes in technology today and into the future. Plat Maps We started scanning Plat Maps in 1996. My goal was to have the best digital images of County Plat Maps. I sell these images to Surveyors, Engineers, Cities, Counties etc. Should you have a problem with images that are currently on-line with County websites please give us a call and we will e-mail you the image. All of our Plat Maps are readable. Counties Miami-Dade Broward Palm Beach Monroe Collier Martin Orange Seminole Hillsborough Lee St Lucie Indian River Brevard Please contact us to review your needs. Our company is conveniently located in Davie, Florida with easy access to all of South Florida via I-595 and I-95. Tel: (786) 985-2047 E-Mail:

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