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Scanning Military Personnel Record Files On Microfiche Or Microfilm To PDF

Written By: CJ Ferrer - Sep• 04•11

Scanning Military Personnel Record Files On Microfiche Or Microfilm To PDF

For years military personnel records were stored on microfiche. A microfiche is a 4 by 5 inch piece of photographic film, containing printed information in a size too small to be seen by the naked eye. If you have your Military records on microfiche we can scan the microfiche for you and give you back a CD with PDF images. Scanning the microfiche to a flash disk, CD, or sending to an email address means its safely stored and one can forward it to friends and family or even print to paper. Your Microfiche will be scanned at a high resolution insuring the best possible image. The digital storage offers the convenience like the microfiche except with the digital method, the file can be accessed from any location if one sends it to an email address or stores it on their network drive. To access a microfiche document, one would have to look for a microfiche film reader. It is very difficult to find these readers as they are old and not currently used. Microfiche is of another era and another time and technology has changed how information is store. Military records on microfiche are now best stored in a digital format. To find out more on how to digitize your records please call us 786-985-2047

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