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Written By: CJ Ferrer - May• 11•12

Today’s businesses have entered the digital age, but not without some growing pains. As a result, industries are just starting to understand the advantages scanning services offer. One of the biggest disadvantages in the past was the storage of archival information which required huge amount of storage, was difficult to retrieve, and required personnel dedicated to the task. Today, however, companies such as Florida Microfilm Microfiche Document Scanning Service have changed all this with new technology that converts hard copies into digital formats.

High tech equipment and specialized software is required for this type of conversion. The goal is to create efficient and clear conversions of original data into formats that are easily retrievable based on customized criterion. Various keywords can be used for this purpose such as subject matter, invoice number, customer names, or any other features which can be easily recalled.

Regardless of the industry, this process can accommodate all types of data from the largest technical drawings to the smallest receipts and everything in-between. Companies specializing in this service are prepared to ensure corrective actions are taken to protect delicate documents as well as to remove any fasteners that may damage hard copies during the scanning process. Taking these precautions is especially important when scanning older storage systems such as microfilm and microfiche.

As with most high tech services, prices vary widely depending on project specifications and data sources. Per page prices for hard copy documents are common whereas blueprints and film are often based on file size. For those submitting multiple data sources, package pricing is often available. Regardless of the type of documents, however, working with a company that is known for trustworthiness and reliability is important.

Another important issue is ensuring confidentiality especially for security sensitive documents. Many of these companies have measures built into their systems that begin with collection and end with delivery. This is because discs are often the end product of scanning. With the right providers, security will be guaranteed.

There are various end-products upon completion. CDs or DVDs that contain TIFF or PDF files are frequently included in end products. Data sources are indexed based on keywords that allow for quick retrieval of information. However, data can also be delivered directly to company networks, hard drives, or network servers depending on client needs.

For many company executives, the thought of converting archival information can seem daunting due to cost as well as a commitment to releasing information while scanning is being completed. With today’s technology, however, this process is faster and more efficient than ever. As a result, costs are lower. In addition, the benefit of no longer having to dedicate storage space, personnel, or time for information storage and retrieval soon negates initial costs.

Conversions provided by companies such as Florida Microfilm Microfiche Document Scanning Service are growing in popularity. They are faster to use than antiquated methods and meet many needs of today’s fast-paced businesses. For those that have already started using this alternative, the efficiency and speed of storage and retrieval is well worth the cost.


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