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Written By: CJ Ferrer - Sep• 09•11

How To Scan Microfiche Microfilm Aperture Cards And Documents

By Chris Ferrer

It’s not that hard to find a service provider who can scan microfiche microfilm aperture cards and documents. The aim here is to ensure digitization so that the data can be accessed using modern computer systems. A lot of companies need hard-copy documents digitized, but the rest of the format conversions are needed by huge government companies.

Many of these large organizations do not have any data capture and archiving infrastructure in other formats. Needless to say, they need a lot of help for getting all this data and documents scanned and converted into the right digital format. This is essential for making this data available to their modern software and front-ends.

Some agencies have actually upgraded their systems. But still, they have warehouses packed high with decades of data in the old formats – microfilm, aperture cards and microfiche. All this data needs to be scanned and converted using the latest scanning equipment with imaging software so that the indexed data can we made available to the new IT systems.

All local and state government agencies have large amounts of data in various formats that need this kind of treatment. County courts have files that hold the court records and deeds and titles, etc. School districts maintain student files while criminal records are kept by the police, and the transportation agencies maintain driver and vehicle registration information.

In fact, even the United States department of defense still has use for aperture cards for many applications. Afterwards, they too need the data scanned and converted into the desired format. A lot of private sector industries such as banks and insurance companies, the health care industry and hospitals also need the same help.

It has to be stressed here that much of this work is critical. It calls for qualified professionals with the latest cutting edge equipment. The agency or company in need of these service providers has to consider a few factors, as listed below.

The most important thing is to make sure the provider has the necessary expertise and equipment for the client’s primary data format. This can vary a lot, from a COM microfiche to hollerith code aperture cards and 100′ 16mm blipped rolls. It can just as well be data such as jacket fiche, non-hollerith code aperture cards or 215′ 35mm un-blipped film.

If the client is still using one or more of these formats, it is important to find a provider who can handle all the standard formats. Regardless, though, it’s no big deal to find the right provider. All that has to be ensured is that said provider should have enough experience scanning and converting the same kind of data for government agencies.

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