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Do You Know What An Aperture Card Scanning Service Is?

Written By: CJ Ferrer - Dec• 24•10

Aperture cards are cards that carry data and are used in industries such as manufacturing, defence and engineering. This type of storage system is now becoming outdated and digital storage is now taking over. This is where an will become useful to transfer the stored data to a new type of storage solution.

These cards are easy to identify when you are looking for them as they have a window cut-out which then holds a small chip of microfilm.

Technology has progressed a long way since the introduction of Aperture cards and the information that is stored on cards can now be transferred to CD for easier and more compact storage. It is now possible that the information held on 15,000 cards can be stored on one CD.

There are many advantages to storing the information that you hold on Aperture cards digitally, rather than on the cards themselves, for example it means that you can greatly reduced any storage costs that you may be incurring as there is no longer a need for bulky cardboard boxes cluttering up the offices. Loading the data onto one CD also means that you can access the information quicker by using a computer and it also allows you to share anything you need by making copies of the CD or emailing files to the relevant recipient.

As with any technological development in this ever changing world you have a choice of storage options when you decide to use a . The images that you are storing can be stored in a number of formats such as text, PDF and TIFF.

You can discuss your actual needs with the company that you choose to scan your cards and they will advise which format best suits your company’s internal systems and access needs. They may also be able to best advise you on the software that you will need to be able to view, amend and save the new digital images that you have stored.

The option of putting the information onto a CD is just one of many ways that you can choose to store your data. You could wish to have the information printed out for you, placed on DVD or maybe even a magnetic tape.

Once you have selected the company that you are going to use and the type of storage that you want the information putting onto, you will then need to decide what to do with the old Cards once you have finished.

You will be more than aware, some of the data that is provided on the cards will be of a sensitive nature so you will need to make a choice whether you are to destroy the cards yourselves or whether you want the company that is scanning the data to dispose of the card in a safe and controlled environment. This will prevent the information getting into the wrong hands and information being leaked if it is personal customer data. This should all be an option of the comprehensive Aperture Card scanning service that you and your company choose to use.

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