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Digital Film Services

Written By: CJ Ferrer - Apr• 09•17

Do Help Or Hurt Business?

If you’re someone that wants to use digital film services, you probably want to know what the benefits are. The good news is that you can find that out below.

You Reclaim Lots Of Space!

How much time do you have to spend looking through what you have in storage just to find one piece of film with something you need to see on it? How much space does all of this take up? You’ll find out fast that digitization makes way more sense because it makes it easier on you to store your microfilm. Look at how much something like an SD card can hold, and you’ll see that rooms upon rooms of microfilm can fit onto something even smaller than one piece of film you have.

The Film Is Forever Safe

Why do you keep your microfilm if you know that one day it will be destroyed? You may be careful with it, but even time can be unkind to what you keep stored. What would you do if pests came in and destroyed what you had? What about a flood or fire that happened when you least expected it? There are a lot of ways that microfilm can be damaged, so digitization can help right away.

You Control How The Process Is Done

Are you afraid that after you digitize everything, it will be harder to find? We’re not going to just throw all of the files we make for you into random folders to confuse you. Just tell us how you’d like them sorted, and we’re on it. Even if you just want it to go box by box, your files will be in the right order just like they were when you had them stored away.

Once you get into using digital film services, you’ll wonder why you didn’t before. It is so much easier to use computers or miscellaneous devices to look at the physical film media that was digitized for you by us.

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