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Microfilm Cartridge Conversion Service

Tweet The 16mm microfilm cartridge conversion service is a very important service. It helps to convert the microfilms from their original format into other useful digital formats. Some of the digital formats that could be achieved include JPEG, TIFF, PDF and PNG including others. Many people assume that microfilms are stored in movie format. Even […]

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Microfilm Scanning Service

Tweet There are many reasons as to why people use a microfilm scanning service. The major reason is that people want to be able to access materials that are made of old publications. Archived information is difficult to interpret, especially when they are very old and archaic. This service is therefore essential in salvaging important […]

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Document Scanning

Tweet Call For A Free Test And Quote 786-985-2047 10200 State Road 84 #228 Davie Florida 33024

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